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Celebrate with us

10/31- Cover to Cover

11/1-Halfmoon Mad, Modoc

11/2-Attack The Sound!!!!

11/4-The Sluppies

11/5 Geoff Glen, Felix and Lyons

11/7-Sweet Diezal Jenkins

11/8-Ernie Black,Decadents, Sarah Alyse

11/9-The Violet Hour

11/11- The Sluppies

11/12-Geoff Glenn

11/14-The Fourty Whacks

11/15-The Student Body

11/16-The Student Body

11/18-The Sluppies

11/19-Geoff Glenn


11/21-Danse Fools at Wise Fools

11/22-Homer Marrs and The Excellent...

11/23-My My MY, Ryan Mumby

11/25-The Sluppies

11/26-Geoff Glenn

11/27 -Get Off The Couch!

11/30 -Soul Junky, Blah Blah Blah

12/7-Daniela Sloane CD Release

12/13- Highest Low CD Release

12/21-Fleeting Suns, Live Bait




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Book a table to celebrate your birthday and we will spoil you with a free bottle of bubbly.

SoundPrism & Nickmo Productions once again team up to bring you an epic Friday night dance party! The night is jam packed with talent and promises to be a night to remember. Headlining the show and based out of Rochester, New York, is 3x Camp Bisco veterans, The Manhattan Project! In direct support are two Chicago native bands that have burst into the local jam scene; Digeometric & Business as Usual.
The Manhattan Project, since exploding on to the scene in 2010, has become one of the fastest growing live electronic duos in the northeast. TMP continues their sonic-boomtronic assault in 2013, blowing up clubs, amphitheaters, festival main stages, and after-parties across the country! Drawing influences from house, dub, drum n bass, techno, and lounge, The Manhattan Project brings sophistication to the dance floor with their original compositions, high energy beats and mind melting textures.


Featured Show
SoundPrism & Nickmo Productions 
October 11th 8:00 pm
Tickets - $8.00 

Weekly Drink Specials

Monday - $2.50 Pitchers and $3.00 Well Drinks

                      Free Beer Pong!

Tuesday-$2.50 Pitchers and $3.00 Well Drinks

                      Free Beer Pong!

Wednesday-$2.00 Revolutions


Thursday-$4 Green Lines


Friday-$3 Bud Light, $4 Wells and $8 absinthe cocktails!

Saturday- $3 Bud Light, $4 Wells and $8 absinthe cocktails!


Sunday- $1 Bud Lights!


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